Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Today we are learning about Argentina. We are learning about their foods, Capital, Sport, Dancing, Music and many other thing about Argentina. 

Argentina has very yummy foods like Asado or Chimichurri. Argentina has yum desserts as well. They have tasty chocolate cakes and chocolate muffins. Argentina's foods are very creative. They make their own foods and games. 

There are millions of people in Argentina. There is about 43, 995, 357 people in Argentina right now. Argentina is about 2.78 km² wide. Argentina's capital is 203.3 km²  wide.

There are a lot of people in Argentina. Argentina is on the top of my to do list because one day I would like to visit Argentina when I am older and have permission to go with my younger brothers and friends. Here is a picture below that was taken in Argentina.

Image result for Argentina photos

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Danni Stone said...

Hi Sam, well done for blogging about Argentina! Its great to see that you would like to visit with your family- what would you like to do there? I think I would like to try the food!

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