Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Dear Auckland Transport

Tuesday, 30th August, 2016
Dear Auckland Transport,

I hope that you know that the death rate from trains has gone up. You need to do something about. Not doing anything to people who had recently died is not okay. Trains are dangerous and can kill people at a instant. The relatives from people who had died from trains are sad and unhappy that someone that is loved so much is now gone and won’t be there when they are in big problems. It is very very sad because there is a hole in her wife heart.

You should add more safety that doesn't include danger. You should set up train cones near the train tracks or you could put loudspeakers in the front of the train to warn the people who are crossing the train tracks. I agree from the the new modern rules and design that you have come up with but there is occurs to the train that needs to be fixed

The conclusion is you listen to our ideas to prevent train deaths from happening in 2016 and the next years.

Yours Sincerely

Glenbrae School

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