Monday, 16 May 2016

Science Investigation

Science Investigation

We are learning what plants need to survive
We are learning how plants respond to environmental changes.

What do plants need to survive?

Soil/ fertilizer/ dirt
Carbon dioxide

We are going to conduct a science investigation to determine what will happen to plants when their environment changes. In this assignment we will be changing the environment of each of the mint plants and the potatoes.

What will we need to make this a fair investigation?
  • Lots of plants in case one fails
  • Make sure they all get the same amount of sun
  • Make sure they still have the other things they need to survive
  • Monitor progress every few days - with pictures
  • Have a “control” plant, that we do all the right things to.

  • Suffocate a plant - by putting it in a container
  • Stop watering a plant
  • Take out the soil
  • Put in the dark
  • Normal plant - the control

Hypothesis: I think it will die because it has no soil.

The plant I will be observing is: Taking out the soil.

Observation day 1: It was all healthy on the first day.

Observation day 2: It was droopy and it was getting pale.

Observation day 3: The plant was still droopy and it got more pale.

Observation day 4: The mint plant is turning dead and getting darker.

Observation day 7: Now the mint plant is flat and its dead.

Explanation: Why did this happen to my plant?
The mint plant died because the plant didn’t have any soil and because it needs dirt to help it stay strong.


Chris G said...

Well done Sam thanks for your mint Science project.

Thanks, Chris

Alfred said...

Well Done Sam I really like our experiment that day and I am looking foward to the next experiment.

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