Thursday, 26 May 2016

Netball Skills

Today, my class had another session of Netball. We had our session with a lady called Anne. First of all, Anne told us to do a warm up by playing Shadow Follower. We did that kind of warm because we needed to learn how to defend the ball. When we finished our warm up, we did an intercept activity. We had 4 team members in one group. 2 people had to pass it to each other and the other 2 had to try to intercept it. It was a lot of fun but we had to move on. Next, we played the game called the Four corner attack. 1 person had to stay in the middle and try to turn were the number of the balls came from. There were only four corners but the only thing was that there was another person in the middle try to block where the ball came from. We played that game for only about like 5 - 8 minutes. Next, we played another game called the shooting game. We split up the class because we had to have 2 teams. we all had numbers and I was number 2. Whatever number she said we had to go to the middle and get the ball and pass it to everyone in our team in order so when the ball when around everyone, they have to pass it back to you and you have to shoot it in the hoop. My team one by 24 and the other team had 16 points. After that our session was finished and we went back to class.


Danni Stone said...

Hi Sam,

I like the image you included with this recount, pictures can make blogs more appealing to the reader. You all played very well in this session. I wonder what sport we will be learning about next!

Mrs Tofa said...

You are very descriptive in your recount Sam. I too also like the image you have used in your post. Could you have drawn an image like this yourself for your post?

Chris G said...

I liked your narrative about netball it sound like you really had fun doing netball with your class.

Thanks Chris

Cecillia said...

Hi Sam,

I learned a lot about netball. It sounded really well.

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