Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mighty Muscles

This Article is called Mighty Muscles and I have  a article review.

This article is about Mighty Muscles , the things you need to eat is fish, cheese, eggs, meat and nuts. The best muscle you use all the time is your gluteus maximus and it is the strongest .The softest muscle in your body is your stapedius. When you have a cramp, it happens because your leg or feet  is so tight. It makes you laugh or makes you can’t feel your leg. Bones are good because it pulls your muscles to make it work.When you smile you use 15 muscles and a frown uses 40 muscles and when you are walking you use 200 muscles every step. When you kick a ball the muscles team up and then you kick the ball.

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Mr. Nath said...

This is a good review of the article you read on Mighty Muscles. Well done Sam. I like your picture as well.

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